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Kristin Jones


Kristin spent 20 years as an ultrasound technologist before becoming a photographer. You could say she went from photographing people's insides to photographing people’s outsides.  She picked up a camera 13 years ago when she took a photoshop class and hasn’t put it down. She became a full time photographer 10 years ago and specializes in seniors.  Based in Minneapolis the last 10 years, she recently relocated to Salt Lake City.  She continues to return to Minneapolis in the summer for senior pictures and also photographs seniors in Salt Lake City. She volunteers with the Intermountain PPA and currently serves as Vice President.  Over the last decade she has photographed over 600 seniors, gathering valuable insights into senior photography and posing that she is going to share with you.     

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Posing under pressure

Monday march 25th, 2:30-4:00pm

In this class, we will cover a set of Mnemonic devices/Acronyms designed to assist you in easily recalling posing prompts.  This will enable you to establish a mental framework for posing allowing you to: 

1 Direct your client with confidence (even if you aren’t)

2 Transition swiftly between poses, capturing a greater range of images in a shorter time frame.  

3 Provide additional time to craft more creative poses that will resonate with your client without extending the length of the session.  

4 Posing demonstration including all the elements discussed in the lecture to reinforce posing prompts.  

3 key takeaways: 

1. Walk away with 3 mnemonic devices/acronyms to easily remember posing prompts

2. Gain confidence and appear confident in knowing what to say to your clients, 

3. Increase the number and range of images you get in a shorter time period which will increase sales.   

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