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Jessica Robertson 

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Jessica Robertson, M.Photog., Cr., CPP, FP, SP 

Jessica Robertson and her team work from their 3000-square-foot studio in Ashland, VA. She has over 20 years of experience and personally photographs over 200 seniors each year. Her studio prides itself on creating authentic and timeless images that tell aunique story. 

Jessica holds a degree in Art with a Concentration in Photography from Guilford College. She has earned her Masters of Photography, Master Craftsman, and is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer. She also serves as an Affiliate Juror for PPA and has earned her Associate Fellow and Fellow of Photography degrees from the Virginia Professional Photographers Association. 

Despite the ever-changing photography market, Jessica has consistently increased her gross sales. Her secret? Creating imagery that stands the test of time and building strong relationships with her clients that weather any economic storm. Jessica is grounded by her family; her husband, John; and her daughters, Grace and Jaclyn. A full and busy life for sure! She feels grateful for her family and the opportunity to pursue her passion for photography while maintaining a sustainable and fulfilling career.

Seven Secrets for stepping up your profit

Monday March 25th, 9:00-10:30

With over twenty years as a professional photographer, Jessica reevaluated and restructured her entire business in January of 2020. She asked tough questions like, are we serving our clients to the best of our ability? Are we maximizing sales? Do we have products that match our imagery? After some honest evaluation, the answers were no, not completely. She could serve her clients better and she was not fully maximizing sales. And the products she offered could be expanded without complicating the process. She is happy to report that 2020 and 2021 were her best years in business!

During her program, Jessica is going to highlight the seven ways that she increased profitability by solidifying and reevaluating her process, pricing and products. Now is the time! Join her and reevaluate what you are doing well and how you can improve to maximize your sales. This is a don’t miss program packed with useful information to help all levels of experience.

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