Professional Photographers of Iowa

Professional Photographers of Iowa is an organization of creatives who work to uphold the standards of our industry through education and networking.  Our members openly share expertise and ideas as well as support and encourage each other. We are the voice of our industry in the media and to the public and, most importantly, we like to have fun.


Continuing Education

PPI provides many opportunities to continually improve your skill set including 4 One-day events and 2 Conventions per year taught by top photographers and professionals in the industry.

Print Competitions

Submit your work to our Print Competitions held twice a year to ensure your work is meeting industry standards.  PPI gives numerous awards per year and will give you the tools to promote your business successfully.



Meet and become friends with photographers from all over Iowa and the midwest.  Join a community of creatives willing to lift and support each other in their business efforts.  Have fun at events and keep in touch through social media.

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