Winter 2017

Non-Master Child Indoors


Jeanna Hegewald – 1st Place

Who wants a treat ?

Rachel Hanken – Second Place

Velveteen Secrets

Rachel Hanken – Third Place

Non-Master Child Outdoors

Is She Coming

Dana Rose – First Place

Sun Kissed

Elisha Hamm – Second Place

Peach Blossom

Mariellen Youngdahl – Third Place

Non-Master Women Indoors


Carisa Keeling – First Place


Justin Meyer – Second Place


Ginger Latcham – Third Place

Non-Master Women Outdoors

Fierce Intensity

Mariellen Youngdahl – First Place

A Storm Is Raging

Mariellen Youngdahl – Second Place

Trust Between Us

Dana Rose – Third Place

Non-Master Men Indoors

The look of despair

Dan Meythaler – First Place

Saved You A Seat8

Katherine McClure – Second Place

Almost 80

Troy Schroeder – Third Place

Non-Master Men Outdoors


Erika Fontana – First Place

The Keys To My Soul

Megan Ross – Second Place

He Will Move Mountains

Roxanne Bappe – Third Place

Non-Master Groups Indoors

Santa Tells The Best Stories

Sandi Spurell – First Place

Cookies for Santa

Sandi Spurell – Second Place

The Legend of El Gato

Jacob Fiscus – Third Place

Non-Master Groups Outdoors

Faithful Companions

Diana Borash – First Place

Love on the Rocks

Justin Meyer – Second Place

Non-Master Wedding

Waiting for Him

Molly Long – First Place

Before the gown

Carisa Keeliing – Second Place

Mommys Big Day

Molly Long – Third Place

Non-Master Animals

On the chopping block

Rachel Hanken – First Place

One Last Memory

Dan Meythaler – Second Place

Cookies and Cream

Julie Prairie – Third Place

Non-Master Commercial

Spark of Patriotism

Dan Meythaler – First Place

Heroes get remembered, but legends never die

Jacob Fiscus – Second Place

Reflections of a relic

Chad Doty – Third Place

Non-Master Illustrative

Liquified Layers and Curves

Douglas Benton – First Place

Touch and Go

Rosemary Cooper – Second Place


Roxanne Bappeh – Third Place

Non-Master Single Maker Wedding Album

Louis + Katie

Kaley Pillars – First Place

Matt + Bree

Kaley Pillars – Second Place

Jason + Kayley

Kaley Pillars – Third Place

Masters Child

The Dragon Keeper

1st Place – Dani Miller

Future Cowboy

2nd Place – Christina Kjar-Hansen

Masters Women

Porcelain Doll

1st Place – Toni Harryman


2nd Place -Dan McClanahan

Morning Praise

3rd Place – Toni Harryman

Masters Men

The Curator

1st Place – Jon Read


Masters Groups

Christmas Surprise

1st Place – Dan McClanahan

Masters Wedding

Sunset Love

1st Place -Jon Read

Master Animals

In flight with twigs

1st Place – Uldis “Whitey” Ilvess


Curtain Call

2nd Place – Sarah Seeley


Dont Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

3rd Place – Scott Seeley

Masters Commercial

Chrome That Takes You Home

1st Place – Adam Hunter

Mr. Basketball

2nd Place – Dan McClanahan


3rd Place – Larry Erickson

Masters Illustrative

Frozen Estuary

1st Place – Dan McClanahan

Ethereal tree

2nd Place – Uldis “Whitey” Ilves

Life Lines

3rd Place – Micheael Cerizo


Catch Them !

Rosemary Cooper – First Place

Remember the Maine

Rosemary Cooper – Second Place

Hilton Magic

Dan McClanahan – Third Place

Master Single Maker Portrait Album


Heidi Eiffert – First Place


Heidi Eiffert – Second Place

Isaacs Style

Jon Read – Third Place

Iowa CPP Non-Master Highest Print –  – Rosemary Cooper

Touch and Go

Iowa CPP Master Highest Print –  – Toni Harryman

Porcelain Doll

Iowa CPP Highest Case –  – Toni Harryman

Porcelain Doll

Iowa ASP State Elite Award –  – Uldis “Whitey” Ilvess

In flight with twigs

Sunset Award –  – Uldis “Whitey” Ilvess

In flight with twigs

Fuji Masterpiece Award – Wedding/Event –  – Molly Long

Waiting for Him

Fuji Masterpiece Award – Portrait –  – Dani Miller

The Dragon Keeper

Don Knop Memorial Award –  – Kaley Pillars

Louis + Katie

Frank Medlar Award – Best Portrait of Show –  – Toni Harryman

Porcelain Doll
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