Winter 2016

Non-Master Child Indoors

Scarlett's Slumber

Dani Miller – 1st Place

Drama Queen

Miranda Gonder – Second Place

Velveteen Secrets

Dani Miller – Third Place

Non-Master Child Outdoors


Dana Rose – First Place

Field of Dreams

Molly Long – Second Place


Troy Schroeder – Third Place


Non-Master Women Indoors


Forgotten Treasure

Katherine McClure – First Place

Pull the Curtain

Clint Stephens – Second Place

Classic Beauty

Mariellen Youngdahl – Third Place

Non-Master Women Outdoors

Wild Ivy

Molly Long – First Place


Elisha Hamm – Second Place

Harvest Queen

Katherine McClure – Third Place

Non-Master Men Indoors

Studying for His Finals

Diana Borash – First Place

Secure in Victory

Michelle Hjelle – Second Place

Stately Gentleman

Michelle Hjelle – Third Place

Non-Master Men Outdoors

Mad Max

Katherine McClure – First Place

Strung Out

Mark Bortz – Second Place


Clint Stephens – Third Place

Non-Master Groups Indoors

Taking the Bait

Sandi Spurell – First Place

House of Cards

Kelly Nunn – Second Place

Ballerina Dreamin'

Holly Welch – Third Place

Non-Master Groups Outdoors

Bond of Brothers

Dana Rose – First Place

Cliff Dwellers

Rachel Hanken – Second Place

Cowboy Tales

Dana Rose – Third Place

Non-Master Wedding

The Hunt is Over

Michelle Hjelle – First Place

Window to our World

Molly Long – Second Place

Now that I've Found You

Kaely Pillars – Third Place

Non-Master Animals


Scott Seeley – First Place

Bulldozer Gang

Dani Miller – Second Place

Family Bonds

Angela Rumbaugh – Third Place

Non-Master Commercial

What Lies Behind Door #1

Troy Schroeder – First Place

Lady's Night

Doug Benton – Second Place

A Spoonful of Sugar

Molly Regalla – Third Place

Non-Master Illustrative

Now and at the Hour of Our Death

Sara Palas – First Place

Hanging On

Rosemary Cooper – Second Place

The Matiarch

Diana Borash – Third Place

Non-Master Single Maker Wedding Album


Lisa Rohlk – First Place

Masters Child

Orphans Odessy

1st Place – Ben Shirk

There was a little girl with lots of little curls
2nd Place – Jean Poland
Vintage Grace

3rd Place – Toni Johnson

Masters Women

Siren's Lair

1st Place – Ben Shirk

The Town Cobbleer

2nd Place -Suzanne Fischer

Songs from the Heart

3rd Place – Pat Lichty

Masters Men

Headin' Out

1st Place – Suzanne Fischer

Go Ahead ... Make My Day

2nd Place – Jean Poland


Masters Groups

Boys just want to have fun

1st Place – Jean Poland

Cheers Grandpa

2nd Place – John Stalzer

Back to teh 50's

3rd Place – Jon Read

Masters Wedding

Cinderells's Curfew

1st Place – Ben Shirk

Winter's Embrace

2nd Place – Christina Kjar Hanson

Finishing Touches

3rd Place – Sarah Seeley

Master Animals


1st Place – John Stalzer


Eagerly Waiting

2nd Place – Sarah Seeley


Let's Go Fishing

3rd Place – Gary Fagan

Masters Commercial

Yukon Splendor

1st Place – Uldis (Whitey) Ilvess

Heavy Metal

2nd Place – Larry Erickson

Honey, I think we're a few strings short

3rd Place – Christine Kjar Hanson

Masters Illustrative


1st Place – Larry Erickson

Headdress of the Flora Tribe

2nd Place – John Stalzer

Circle of Life

3rd Place – Toni Johnson

Master Single Maker Portrait Album


Heidi Eiffert – First Place


Heidi Eiffert – Second Place


Heidi Eiffert – Third Place

Master Single Maker Event/Wedding Album

Natalie & Justin

Heidi Eiffert – First Place

Eric & Claire

Christina Kjar-Hanson – Second Place

Iowa ASP State Elite Award – 1st Place -John Stalzer

Headdress of the Flora Tribe

Sunset Award – 1st Place – John Stalzer

Headdress of the Flora Tribe

Kodak Gallery Award – 1st Place – Ben Shirk

Cinderella's Curfew

Fuji Masterpiece Award – Wedding/Event – 1st Place – Molly Long

Window to our World

Fuji Masterpiece Award – Portrait – 1st Place – Dana Rose

Bond of Brothers

Don Knop Memorial Award – 1st Place – Heidi Eiffert

Natalie & Justin

Frank Medlar Award – Best Portrait of Show – 1st Place – Katherine McMClure

Forgotten Treasure
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