Winter 2013

Don Knop Memorial Award – 1st Place – Alex McClanahan – Kelly and Koda

Frank Medlar Award – Best Portrait of Show – 1st Place – John Stalzer- Grandmas Perfect Ten


Fuji Masterpiece Award – Portrait -1st Place – Alex McClanahan- Josephine and Theodores Great Adventure

Fuji Masterpiece Award – Portrait – 1st Place – Jaimy Ellis- Liz

Iowa ASP State Elite Award – 1st Place – Ben Shirk- When the Music Ends

Kodak Gallery Award – 1st Place – Ben Shirk- When the Music Ends

Masters Child

1st Place – Toni Johnson-Harryman- Forever Yours
2nd Place – Toni Johnson-Harryman- On the Good Ship Lollypop
3rd Place – Lori Nordstrom- Evolution of a First Year

Masters Women

1st Place – Larry Erickson- Undercurrents
2nd Place – Ben Shirk- Ravishing
3rd Place – Chris Becker- A Quiet Moment

Masters Men

1st Place – Mary Borz- The Beginning of a Masterpiece
2nd Place – Sue Fisher- Headin In
3rd Place – Michael Cerizo- While the City Sleeps

Masters Groups

1st Place – John Stalzer- Grandmas Perfect Ten
2nd Place – John Stalzer- Our Family Tradition

Masters Wedding

1st Place – Ben Shirk- Enchanted

Master Animals

1st Place – Michael Cerizo- Captive


2nd Place – Toni Johnson-Harryman- On Looking Glass Pond


3rd Place – Michael Cerizo- Protector

Masters Illustrative

1st Place – Ben Shirk- When the Music Ends
2nd Place – Ben Shirk- How to Catch a Wolf
3rd Place – Troy Eiffert- Ode to Escher

Masters Commercial

1st Place – Uldis Ilvess Norwegian Harbor
2nd Place – Sue Fisher- Companions Entwined Forever
3rd Place – Sue Fisher- Sunset Ridge

Masters Portrait Album

1st Place – Heidi Eiffert- Ansley
2nd Place – Lori Nordstrom- All American Girl

Masters Event/Wedding Album

1st Place – Heidi Eiffert- Jerry and Nikole

Lil Ms.

1st Place – Susan Johnson- Autumn



3rd Place – Lisa Lewis- Ashley

Lil Mr

1st Place – Amy Doerring- Beau


2nd Place – Lisa Lewis- Will


3rd Place – Roni DeGroot- Gage

Mr Photogenic

1st Place – Amy Doerring- Austin
2nd Place – Lisa Lewis- Ben
3rd Place – Christina Kjar- Dalton

Ms Photogenic

1st Place – Christina Kjar- Cailin
2nd Place – Susan Johnson- Madison
3rd Place – Eric Misko- Alison

Non-Master Child Indoors

1st Place – Lisa Lewis- Left Behind
2nd Place – Sara Starling- Kid Rock
3rd Place – Christina Kjar- Adelaide

Non-Master Child Outdoors

1st Place – Alex McClanahan- Josephine and Theodores Great Adventure
2nd Place – Mindy Decker- Dont Wanna
3rd Place – Anjana Olson- My shinshine when skies are grey


Non-Master Women Indoors


1st Place – Patricia Lichty- Threads of Wisdom
2nd Place – Rachel Hanken- Forbidden
3rd Place – Mindy Decker- The Critique

Non-Master Women Outdoors

1st Place – Randy Milder- Modern Dance
2nd Place – Mindy Decker- Red Hot
3rd Place – Rachel Hanken- Stranded

Non-Master Men Indoors

1st Place – Vanessa Bartels- Hat Trick Hero
2nd Place – Brian Stevens- Tranquil Reflection
3rd Place – KJ Wingert – For those about to rock

Non-Master Men Outdoors

1st Place – Jaimy Ellis- Cloaking Device
2nd Place – Jaimy Ellis- Between Grind and Ollie
3rd Place – Jeff Bokhoven- Black Opps

Non-Master Groups Indoors

1st Place – Vanessa Bartels- Blessings Abound
2nd Place – Lisa Rohlk- Once Upon a Time
3rd Place – Lisa Rohlk- A Kiss A Touch A Bond

Non-Master Groups Outdoors

1st Place – Dan McClanahan- Grandpas Little Helper
2nd Place – Vanessa Bartels- The Love of Family
3rd Place – Alex McClanahan- Lumberjack Love

Non-Master Wedding

1st Place – Rodney Gehman- Midnight Moment
2nd Place – Sarah Seeley- Classical Beauty
3rd Place – Stan Richards- Fall in Love

Non-Master Animals

1st Place – Diana Borash- Whaz up
2nd Place – Sara Starling- This IS my happy face
3rd Place – Michael Cravens- Mr Perot

Non-Master Commercial

1st Place – Sarah Seely- Last one Down the River
2nd Place – Mark Bortz- Original Equipment
3rd Place – Clint Huffaker- African Pride

Non-Master Illustrative

1st Place – Steve Kelly- Early Morning Catch
2nd Place – Doug Benton- A steep learning curve
3rd Place – Michelle Hjelle- The Neighborhood

Multi Maker Album

1st Place – Sarah Seeley/Lisa Hinzman- Thomas and Jennifer

Non-Master Single Maker Wedding Album

1st Place – Alex McClanahan- Kelly and Koda

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