Logo - Horizontal ColorProfessional development and earning advanced degrees is a matter of pride and point of distinction for today’s professional photographer. This page outlines the degrees you can earn, the points required and how to earn them. For any questions concerning Fellowship Points, contact: Michael Cravens, at cravensm2@gmail.com.
Associate Fellow of Photography (A.F.Ph.)
Honorary Fellow of Photog (Hon. F. Ph.)
Fellow of Photography (F.Ph.)
All active members in good standing with the Professional Photographers of Iowa are eligible.
Associate Fellow of Photography | 25
Fellow of Photography | 50
Bar for each additional | 25
Service Award (Service Only) | 25
Diamond Level (Gold Bar Awarded) | 200
Gold Bar for each additional | 25
First Place | 3
Second Place | 2
Third Place | 1
Distinguished Print (80+) | 1
Medlar Award | 5
Don Knop Memorial Award | 5
First Place | 5
Second Place | 4
Third Place | 3
Additional Top Ten | 1
First Place | 5
Second Place | 4
Third Place | 3
Additional Top Ten | 1
District (if applicable) | 1
Iowa |1
NM Print | 1
Masteer Print|1
Highest CPP Case | 1
PPI President | 5
PPI Vice President | 3
PPI Secretary | 3
PPI Treasurer | 3
Immediate Past President | 2
PP of I Board Member | 2
CPP State Chairperson | 3
CPP Board Member | 1
Web Master | 2
PPA Council Representative | 2
Action Editor 1 per issue, maximum | 2
Fellowship Awards Chairperson | 3
National Service Award | 2
National Service Award Chair | 2
Convention Chairperson | 2
Convention Program Talent Chairperson | 4
Convention Print Chairperson | 2
Trade Show Chairperson | 2
Convention/Banquet Coordinator Chairperson | 2
Registration Chairperson | 2
Flyers/Photography Chairperson | 2
Props and Models Chairperson | 2
Don Lohnes/Roundtables Chairperson | 2
Convention Hospitality Chair | 2
Medlar/Master’s Exhibit/Trophies & Plaques Chair | 1
Flea Market Chairperson | 1
In-State Convention Speaker | 3
Master of Ceremonies at Banquet | 1
Committee Members | 1 or 2
Program Talent Chairperson | 2
Print Competition. Chair | 1
Trade Show Chairperson | 1
Seminar Coordinator Chairperson | 1
Registration Chairperson | 1
Photography Chairperson | 1
Props & Models Chairperson | 1
Hospitality Chairperson | 1
In-State Seminar Speaker | 3
Committee Members | 1
In-State Seminar or Workshop Instructor | 2
Host Studio for PPI Seminar | 2
Special Projects | 1 or 2
Article published in the ACTION | 1
Budget Committee Chair | 1
Committee Members serving on the following
Committees: Social Marketing, Public Awareness,Marketing/PR, or Member Benefits | 1
Chair of said Committee | 2
Columnists for monthly “Flash” e-newsletter | 2
Miscellaneous jobs other than listed above may or may not be awarded a point. It will be the responsibility of the committee chairperson to report to the fellowship chairperson anyone who qualifies for points. Some jobs and services performed requiring minimum effort are considered voluntary service to the association and therefore do not earn service points.

  • To receive the Associate Fellow of Photography (A.F.Ph.) Award, a recipient must have earned not less than eight (8) service credits and not less than eight (8) print credits.
  • To receive the Fellow of Photography (F.Ph.) award, a recipient must have earned not less than fifteen (15) service credits and not less than fifteen (15) print credits.
  • Credits used to obtain the Associate Fellow of Photography Award may also be used toward the accumulated total for the Fellow of Photography Award and Service Award.
  • Any member performing in state as a convention speaker, state-affiliated seminar speaker or workshop instructor must provide the Fellowship Committee proof of performance to receive credit.
  • Print credits are earned by winning print awards at the annual print judging of the Professional Photographers of Iowa Winter Convention on a 3-2-1 basis. Additionally, a single point for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will be awarded at the Fall Event Image Panel Competition.
  • The Fellowship committee shall verify the records after the Fall Event to determine who will be eligible to receive awards and shall submit a list of applicants to the Board of Directors of the PP of I for their two-thirds majority approval; applicants, based on credits earned, become eligible to receive Fellowship Awards at the Winter Event immediately following the year in which they receive the accumulative total for their respective awards.
  • The Honorary Fellow of Photography Award shall be recommended by the Fellowship Committee and approved by a two-thirds majority vote of the Board of Directors of the PP of I.
  • The Master Craftsman, Masters and Craftsman degree award by the PP of A add no credits to the Professional Photographers of Iowa fellowship award.
  • With a two-thirds majority vote of the members present, the board has the power to reject any award applicant for good cause or recall any awards previously issued.
  • A member cannot let his or her membership lapse for more than two years without losing his or her fellowship points.
The “Fellowship Award Committee” shall be appointed by the President of the PP of I and approved by the Board of Directors.
  • The Committee shall have a chairman and committee members as needed.
  • Each member shall serve for three years.
  • Committee members may succeed themselves.
  • The terms of the committee members shall run concurrently with the offices of PP of I.
  • It will be the responsibility of the chairperson to maintain all records, distribute all cred it certificates, and maintain a supply of necessary forms, supply of medallions, and any items necessary to manage the fellowship program.
  • The Chairperson may enlist the help of the Executive Sec if approved by the Board.

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